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Umbraco Development

We have been working with Umbraco since 2013 and have extensive experience developing websites built with Umbraco, ranging from small business websites to e-commerce and membership websites.  We are Umbraco Certified as well as being an Umbraco Silver Partner.

You can view our Umbraco Certified Developer profile here:

Why Choose Umbraco?

Umbraco is our preferred CMS and is a fantastic platform for building websites that are easy to use, flexible and fully extensible.

We can help with all aspects of your Umbraco website, including:

  • Development of new websites and adding features to existing websites
  • Advice and guidance on architecture, design and best practices
  • Problem solving, bug fixing, performance issues and upgrades

Umbraco Showcase

This website has been built with Umbraco and demonstrates the features and functionality that you can achieve when building a website with Umbraco.


  • The website was originally developed in Umbraco 7 and has been upgraded to the latest version of Umbraco 10.
  • The code uses a model builder to generate classes that represent the document types in the CMS. This improves code quality and reduces the chance of errors.


  • All the pages are cached on the server for a short period of time and shared parts of a page are individually cached to improve page load speed.
  • The website sits behind CloudFlare which is a Content Delivery Network that geographically caches static elements of the page such as javascript, stylesheet files, and images. It also provides security to protect from denial-of-service attacks.
  • The HTML mark-up of each page is minified to ensure that the output is as small as possible by removing unnecessary mark-up, comments, and whitespace.
  • The javascript and stylesheet files are minified and bundled to ensure that the files are as small as possible and are combined together to reduce the number of network requests.
  • The images are dynamically resized on request to ensure they are the smallest size possible without compromising quality.


  • The website runs on HTTPS using an SSL certificate to ensure that all traffic between the browser and the website is secure and encrypted.
  • All the recommended security headers have been implemented.


  • Each page outputs the meta title and description tags which by default use the page title and text but can be overridden to provide optimised titles and descriptions.
  • Each page also outputs the Open Graph tags which is used by social media platforms to provide meta information about embedded links such as an image and description.
  • The page titles are output into H1 tags as the main title of the page.
  • Additional redirects are implemented to ensure that pages cannot be accessed using alternative URLs which could be interpreted as duplicate content by search engines.
  • An XML sitemap has been implemented which is auto generated from the pages on the website.
  • A 404 page has been created to return a custom 404 page when a page cannot be found.

Front End

  • The HTML mark-up of each page has been kept clean and simple with clear separation between JavaScript and CSS.
  • The front end uses minimal third-party libraries to keep the size of included files as small as possible.
  • The CSS is built using SASS which is a CSS pre-processor.
  • The front end is responsive and works across different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
  • All images are converted to WebP which are optimized for the web and are smaller than their equivalent JPEG or PNG images.

Get in Touch

If you would like to talk to us about Umbraco development please contact us, alternatively you can contact us by email at or by phone on 07702 743323.